Saturday, August 31, 2019

Games download from 9apps store

Gaming era has changed to digital games, peoples loves to play game in their mobile, laptop PC or game zone. Previously there was no such type of Technology so people use to play games outdoor but now day people can play games and time anywhere with the help of this digital tool. Only you need to have learning platform in your mobile or in your device which you are using and you can install lots of games with the help of App Store present in your mobile.

Say no to games on Google Play Store 

If you are using Google Play Store for downloading games then try to avoid because Google Play Store contains almost all the games for premium version and if you are using trial version of that games from Google Play Store then it may be possible that your kids can click on the advanced level of the games or updates and it may be possible that your wallet will be empty. The reason behind is that most of our banking system are now on our mobile and if your kids click on updates or or paid version it will automatically cut off from your accounts. The reason behind is that there is an option present in the settings which we forget to to make it off and that option age payment of of online store. This happen most of the time that users are unaware about the options which are enabled by default and they click on the games and the gaming company get benefit of that. So try to avoid how to download games from Google Play Store.

9Apps for gaming software 

9Apps is a digital store which contains software and games just like Google Play Store but one of the most important part of the story is that most of the applications and games are free so if you are using manners for downloading games then you don't lost your pocket. Even if you are downloading games from 9Apps it will ask you for payment if you deny it will not cut any amount from your account so you are totally safe when you are using 9Apps for downloading any types of game.

9Apps gaming category 

9Apps contain almost all type of categories for games so you can download games according to the category. Below are some of the famous category for you: 

Action Games
Adventure Games
Arcade Games
Board Games
Cards & Lottery
Driving Games
Fighting Games
First-Person Shooters
Games Utilities & Editors
Kids Games
Massively Multiplayer RPG
Other Games
Platformer Games
Real-Time Strategy Games
Sports Games
Strategy Games
Sudoku, Crossword & Puzzle Games

Games search on 9apps

You can download any types of dams with the help of the store very easily to don't need to puzzle so much at the time of downloading. The store provides different ways to find your best games the first way is most "trendings games" present at the top of the gaming category you will see list of top games which are mostly downloaded by users are shown at the top just behind that you will find a "search box" if you know the games name you can directly start the game by using search box of nine app store. The third option age category wise finding game.  You can navigate through category and find your games for downloading.